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Zoo Pinball



Game Description

Zoo Pinball is an arcade game with a zoo theme! Pinball machines were all the rage back when you use to go to the arcade. While you may not be able to enter your local arcades anymore, you can play this online version. This arcade carries a zoo theme with tigers, hippos, zebras, and of course lions! Hit your ball through the zoo ticket to gain more points. The concept of pinball is to get it through certain areas in order to increase your score. The longer you last, the better your score can be because you have more chances to increase your score. Once the ball falls through the bottom, your level ends. Play three rounds to try to raise your score as high as possible. Play again to beat your own high score. If you are one of the top scorers, you will find your username on our leaderboards!


To play this arcade game, use the space key to shoot the ball, and then use the arrow keys to flip the flippers. On mobile, use your finger to hold down the shooter, and use the arrows on the screen to flip the flippers. You will play 3 rounds for your final score.

Zoo Pinball Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 25, 2021

18984 plays


about 1 year ago

Really great game. It is so fun.