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Save the Dummy Level Pack



Game Description

They say if you give someone enough rope he'll hang himself. Well, apparently this doofus has a lot of rope, because he's gotten himself strung up in every position imaginable. If you can figure out how to save him, we can't promise he won't just do it again, but we can promise you'll win. And really, you're all that matters, right? At least according to your mother.


Use the mouse to click away the RED items.

Save the Dummy Level Pack Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 1, 2010
DeveloperSandeep Saha

925467 plays

awesome dude440

over 3 years ago

this game is easy but fun!!!


over 3 years ago

that is in level 24

Baby Simon

over 3 years ago

thanks Benjamin. but it didn't work


over 3 years ago

stuk on level 24 :(


over 3 years ago

stuck on 19 -_-

Mabel PInes 152

over 3 years ago

sooooooo fun I agree


over 3 years ago

sonud i love it


over 3 years ago

so hard


over 3 years ago

really fun game,


over 3 years ago

pizza is the joke