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Game Description

Pump is a free desktop platform game. Halloween is over and the real nightmare has begun. You have to help our friend, Pump, smash their way through legions of the undead and navigate the perilous platforms of their nightmare world so that they can save reality from the scourge of the zombie plague. No one knows where they came from or what they want. We just know what they do and what they do isn't very nice. Pick up a bat and smash your way through the rotted skulls and ghastly faces of this evil undead. There may be more of them than there are of you but you're faster, you're smarter and you're more vicious. All these idiot zombies know how to do is crawl out of the ground and lurch around. You can make short work of these brainless ghouls with nothing but the smash of your baseball bat.

Beware the rows of spikes that are sprinkled throughout each level but know that instead of smashing a zombie once you can instead smash them backward into the spikes and let them destroy themselves. These monsters aren't very smart or tough but there are a lot of them so stay frosty. You don't have a heath bar and one single swipe from a zombie can and will wipe you out.


Use the W,A,S,D or Arrow Pad to jump and move left or right. Use the X button to smash the zombies.

Pump' Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 2, 2020
DeveloperMatthew Hobbs

33669 plays


about 2 years ago

this game is super glitchy and it lags