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Prehistoric Shark



Game Description

Grog no like shark. Shark kill dinosaurs. Grog want kill dinosaurs. Grog want be shark. Summon your inner Grog and takeover the teeth in Prehistoric Shark, a bonkers rampage that puts you in charge of a Stone Age shark attack. Pick your ferocious fish, then send the dinosaurs to an early extinction. Welcome ... to Jurassic shark!


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Prehistoric Shark Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateNov 20, 2013
DeveloperFelix Wiesner

101116 plays

coolguy 62

over 3 years ago

the category says easy for a reason

kawaii girl

over 3 years ago

my core is 916724 :D awesome


over 3 years ago

kinda boring but still good

coolguy 62

over 3 years ago

it says easy in the category for a reason


over 3 years ago

i got 200768

hi I lIKE PIE817

over 3 years ago

i GOT 878907 mY 1ST TIME


over 3 years ago

first try! got 1,137,462


over 3 years ago

epic game love it ps add me for friend


over 3 years ago

angelsingz is right.


over 3 years ago

MY SCORE IS 821848