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Goalkeeper Challenge



Game Description

Goalkeeper Challenge is a free sports game. The striker lets loose an intensely targeted kick and sends the ball hurtling towards you, the goalkeeper. In flash, you dive to the lower-left corner, your hands outstretched in a defensive block. The ball smashes against your palms but with steadfast determination, you are able to hold back the brunt of its momentum and another goal is avoided. The crowd roars, a mix of disappointment and relief. Before you are able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done, another ball rockets in, this time it's heading for the center of the net. Your instincts take over and you swat it away before your conscious brain can even analyze the situation. Again, the crowd goes wild. You are the team's savior twice over. You stare down the field ready for another pot-shot and right on cue, a ball launches itself top shelf with the peanut butter. You smack it down without blinking. You are a battle-hardened warrior of the game of football. Nothing can phase you, no one can stop you. There is no time to be smug about your abilities but even a modest appraisal of your performance showcases an uncanny ability to spot targets and slap them away without a moment's hesitation. You squint as a dark round shape appears on the horizon, ready for the challenge you leap into a ready stance when you realize, that's no soccer ball, it's an old-timey-bomb with its charge lit and ready to blow. 


On your mobile device or desktop computer, use your mouse or finger to guide the goalkeeper's hands and swat away a barrage of incoming soccer balls and bombs.

Goalkeeper Challenge Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 3, 2021

23557 plays


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