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Tiny Archer



Game Description

Tiny Archer is a free shooter game. Physics is the true master of our reality. All matter, all time, all of space must bow to the science of physics as it pulls, pushes, and grasps at us all.  In Tiny Archer you will have your chance to harness the power of physics and use it to your advantage. Weild a mighty bow and take potshots at a never-ending series of floating targets. You'll only ever get one shot per target, so, you won't be able to gauge the distance and power needed by firing off a few test arrows. In this game, it's one shot one point. You are allowed to miss but only 6 times, after that you've failed and you must start again. Your points are a currency that you can use to unlock cool new skins for your archer character and flashy new targets for them to fire at. This is a cute shoot, mobile game which will challenge you with floating targets and reward you with points. It is truly a game of kings.


On your desktop computer, press the left mouse button to fire. The Archer will raise the arrow and aim on their own. On your mobile device, tap the screen to fire. The Archer will raise the arrow and aim on their own.

Tiny Archer Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 22, 2021

46238 plays

Lil beast

over 1 year ago

it is really fun when you are bored you should play this

Teresa the wolf

over 1 year ago

It is fine ig gess.