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Game Description

Choose your weapon and take your best Shot! is an exciting 2-D shooting adventure where you collect upgrades, load your weapons, and shoot up the whole world. is an MMO shooter game where players choose a starting weapon and then enter an arena filled with powerful opponents, all of whom are armed to the teeth. You will need to outsmart them, outplay them, and outlive them if you wish to be the ultimate winner of This is a classic 2-d shooter that is filled to the brim with different kinds of weapon upgrades. Each weapon upgrade is completely different and offers its own particular abilities and drawbacks. Whether you are using the Assault Rifle, Revolver, Rocket launcher, Bow & Arrow, sniper rifle or the various grenade launchers: You will have to figure out how they work best and how to use their functions to your own ends. Maybe you are a spray and pray type player, maybe you are a camper who snipes at his enemies, maybe you want to take out multiple characters with a grenade launcher or prove your mettle by arming yourself with only a bow and arrow and going human hunting John Rambo style. The choice is yours but ultimately so are the consequences. This is an MMO game so you will not be fighting against predictable AI but rather other players just like you, each with access to the same weapons, the same map, and their own very particular brand of playing the game. Instructions -WASD/arrow keys to move -Click to shoot -QEF to use upgrades -Enter to chat


Use your mouse and keyboard to play. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateFeb 1, 2019

16771 plays


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