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Game Description is a multiplayer game that will challenge everything you know about what it means to be an iogame.  Part city simulator and part survival game this is the ultimate mash-up of the Sims and Sim City. It's sort of like a bit pixel version of Grand Theft Auto but with a lot more heart! Mine resources, stay alive, and try to enjoy yourself in a city that is more like an arena and with a custom character that goes back and forth between being a player avatar and a power fantasy. This world is yours for the taking, as long as you're smart enough to out maneuver the bad guys and take out the chumps who step to your superiority. Will you wind up at the top of the leader board or the bottom of the heap? It depends on how you play the game, friends you make, the choices you choose and the lives you take. Don't get too caught up in the mechanics and just try to enjoy this one, it's more chill than kill.


Please use the W,A,S,D keys to navigate your character. You can also use the arrow pad. The Mouse is how you orient yourself and you will use the left mouse button to click on various resources and mine them. You also use the E key to open doors and pick up or use items. Use the Q, and F key as you need to. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 13, 2019

22848 plays


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