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Game Description is the best first person arena style game you can play for free online. Don't believe us? Then strap in, load up and lets go. We'll show you. We'll show you all! With an endless amount of items, upgrades and ways to customize your character and weapons, you'll wonder why you've played anything else at all. Literally, every other casual game, every other first person arerna game, all the other arena games, the free games. All of them pale in comparison to, a game which was designed and developed to be the ultimate in free online games. The graphics are realistic, the gameplay is intuitive and addicting, and the ability to learn and grrow with your character is unsurpassed. So, pick a map, grab your items and lets go! This is a game you will be telling your grandchildren about. A game that future generations will talk about as if it were a myth,  secret, a legend. You have the ability to play that game here and now, so what are you waiting for? 

Instructions functions like most other games you have played of this particular genre. For example, you use the W,A,S,D keys in order to move around, but you can also use the Arrow Pad. If you need to jump then hit the Space Bar and as always use your mouse to aim the reticule and the left mouse button to unleash the fury of your fully automatic items. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 30, 2019
DeveloperYendis Entertainment Pty Ltd

464663 plays


over 2 years ago



almost 3 years ago

This FPS Game is lit, no wonder this game is so great, and if the guys who made krunker are reading this, i hope you make many more awesome bangers in the future


about 3 years ago

Bring back the old Kanji. Both kanjis!

ELI Brown

about 3 years ago

how do u even play this game it is blocked for me?

pd pd

about 3 years ago

amoson cool and fun.


about 3 years ago

Loads slowly but looks fun


about 3 years ago

Big hack but fun.


about 3 years ago



about 3 years ago

This game is impossible


about 3 years ago

Somebody send me a freind reqeust on fortnite to my ps4 and nintendo i got a ps5 too there should be to of the same usernames,they are whole different accounts though my username is prathersm