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Game Description is a free iogame. The city streets are an arena and this is a battle for territory. Your weapons in this game will be paint, roller-skates, jet-packs, oversized paint rollers, and your own iron will and determination to be number one. Work in conjunction with your team and blanket as much of the map as you possibly can with your team's color. That is it. You have a backpack full of paint, a spray nozzle, and roller skates. Now get out there and get wet. Make the city streets run bright with the color of your team. When the clock runs out you want to make sure you have painted more of the street than your opponent. The victor will be determined at the end of the game by an AI algorithm which will determine with cold mathematical accuracy exactly which team managed to claim more territory. Now, don't worry. Besides the fact that you'll be working with a team and are thus not alone, you'll also have access to all kinds of upgrades and abilities which should help you defeat your opponent. There are oversized paint rollers, jetpacks, and other pieces of equipment you can snag in order to defeat your opponent. So, strap in and get tagging. Let the city drip with the color of your victory.


Use your mouse to guide the skater. Left mouse button to paint. Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 30, 2020

34511 plays


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