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Rotate the device into portrait mode to play this game.



Game Description is a free IOGame. You gotta smash 'em all! Sometimes all that stands between you, victory, and the chasm filled with corpses is your ability to hold tight to your wooden plank or steel pole and strike hard against the enemy. And who is the enemy in this game? Everyone! They're all out to get you, and just like in real life you'll have to swing first, swing hardest, and smash your way through legions of haters, debilitators, and toxic posers who are pretending to be your friend. is a game with the same skin and theme of another popular deduction game, but eschews the mystery-solving aspect and gets right to the fun part: the smashing. In this game, you will be able to customize your look, choose out your bat, pick a name, and take to the arena with a zest for death that can only be rivaled by your lust for lashing! In this arena game, you'll have to outwit the other opponents if you wish to survive.


Use your mouse to guide the avatar around. it will follow wherever you point and go where you want. Use the left mouse button in order to attack other players. Collect the boxes for extra energy and willpower. Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMay 6, 2021

121031 plays

Amaya the nightwing

11 months ago

I love among us this is the closest game I have to it. Pls make prices a bit lower


about 1 year ago


Red Ricky Bobby on fort add me

over 1 year ago

i wish there was no blood but still like it

Red Ricky Bobby on fort add me

over 1 year ago

i love it


over 1 year ago


ethiopia wins

over 1 year ago

but guys at the score the highest is 50 thousandb blablabla did they get this score by only playing one at a time


over 1 year ago

Would like to have everything I've unlocked whenever I come back to the game. I had gotten the crowbar and then logged out just to log back in today to see I don't have anything I worked towards. I wont be coming back to this game unless this issue is fixed.


over 1 year ago

damm this game bruh ist like everyone go for me


over 1 year ago

eeeh ok