Game Description

Familiars.io is a free IOGame. Gather round and hear a tale as old as time. A tale of a trainer who decided to train his familiars and enter the competitive world of pocket-familiar battles and prove his worth as a pocket-familiar battle person. In this game, you will choose your character and then you will choose your familiar, and then you will test your mettle against the other familiar battlers of the world. Train them, optimize them, learn which skills beat other skills, then build a team. It is pretty cool, and it makes you feel like you're playing a real sport. In fact: who is to say this isn't a sport? One day familiars.io will be in the Olympics and you'll probably wish that you were all trained up and playing at an Olympic level. But until then you can just enjoy this game for what it is: a fun retro-style pocket battler game with completely new and original mechanics.


Use your mouse to click on and direct the character. Move around ad find battles, train your familiars and ultimately take out the competition.

Familiars.io Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 18, 2021

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over 1 year ago

Awesome game, I just hope there will be more exploration in the future but for now I like it! :D