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Game Description

Hunt, gather, dominate, and destroy. In you play a colonial spaceship with only one mission: Survive. Scavenge hostile worlds and gather supplies to constantly upgrade your exocraft. Everything is upgradeable, your pilot pod, your cargo hold, your wings, your thrusters, custom drones to do your bidding, your hull, and even your weapons. Add sensors, add drones and then fly back out of the repair shop to take on the world. I hope that your upgrades have what it takes to stand up to the defenses of the indigenous aliens and other invaders who are there to stop you from accomplishing your goals. As you fly around the world of you will often need to refuel, fix your ship, mine ship crashes, and mineral deposits for jewels and other items you can use. As you do this be very careful. For is an MMO and those other players are not your friends. They are here to compete with and if possible destroy you. Use your drones and gather trophies. Maybe you will be able to outsmart, outplay and out live them. Game Instructions / How to play: Follow the in-game menus. Use your mouse to guide the ship. Click to energize the engines. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 6, 2018
DeveloperGoldFire Studios

12199 plays


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