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Craft Raft Battle



Game Description

Craft Raft Battle is a free iogame. Welcome to a world of water, a water-arena, if you will. In this tactical game of building and destroying you will craft yourself the perfect raft with which to take on your opponents and ultimately rule the leader board. There can be only one and in this game that will mean you build yourself a powerful craft, take it to the high seas and use it to take down your enemies. This is an iogame where you collect items in the water while avoiding enemy boats. You use those items to craft weapons and a larger raft and then try to take on as many enemies as possible. The game is fun but doesn't think it's easy. This game may have simple controls and an intuitive interface but the gameplay is as deep as any ocean and as wide as any sea. You may just find yourself drowning in a good time if you let yourself go into a world of crafting, rafting, and also battling.


W,A,S,D or Arrow Pad: Move your raft left, right, forward, and backward. Left mouse button: Fire.

Craft Raft Battle Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 1, 2020

50650 plays


over 2 years ago

umm how do i get to the x?

Jambie Lionheart

almost 3 years ago

K, so... forget over a month ago, my last review was over a year ago. I'd say this game has stagnated and it a huge time sink. Wouldn't recommend it anymore.


almost 3 years ago

this game has minimal directions and is very glitchy. i propose the developer/creator spend some serious time upgrading this game and its user interface so that people can play it. the creation area is about as intuitive as walking around a mine field at night. and the game play without know how to create a decent raft is basically non-existent.


over 3 years ago

such a ... game

free team

over 3 years ago

i am a newbe


over 3 years ago

you can delete your ship

Jambie Lionheart

over 3 years ago

It's not bad. I think it's one of those games that would be more fun if it was multiplayer though.


over 3 years ago

I like it but I can't delete my ship