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Game Description is a free IOgame. A lot of people think of farms as being a quiet, uncomplicated life, but they are wrong. Dead wrong. In you will take to the great wild west, the heartland of this great country, and enter a cornfield arena where it is you vs the rest of the world. You'll have to navigate your massive combine around a cornfield and try to collect as much corn as possible. The more corn you reap the longer you get, which is the point of the game, however, the longer you become the more unwieldy you become. You will have to manage both your speed and size while avoiding other players and collecting as much corn as possible. Be careful to not sabotage yourself by turning around and running your combine into yourself. This is a fast-paced IOGame where the competition is deadly and the gameplay is addictive. Become the master of the heartland and prove yourself to be the ultimate farm hand in this awesome IOGame of farming, speeding, combat, and victory.


Use your mouse to direct your combine. Collect as much corn as you can and make sure to never cross back and hit your own tail. Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 31, 2020

15944 plays


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