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Game Description

This may be a sausage fest, but its no party! In you are a radical armed with a kubasa and a dream. Power up your boost function by collecting the orbs of rainbow light in the arena and then violently lash out at your opponents by smashing them with your sausage. is a minimalist MMO where players can win by boosting around the map and beating each other with processed meat. There is only one power-up in this game and no upgrades. You have a boost function which loses fuel as you use it. In order to keep your bost function fully charged, you'll be forced to consume the multi-colored spheres which surround the arena. Once charged the boost function allows you to zoom across the screen making attacks as you go. There are no walls and no special terrain anywhere on the map. You will be at the mercy of the other players and your own instincts as you slickly maneuver the board looking for someone to slap while avoiding being slapped. Before the game starts, you will be able to customize your player avatars skin and hair color. if you endeavor to share the game on your various social media accounts be they Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc you will be able to unlock more customization options which are much cooler. You are now ready to enter the arena --sausage in hand-- and take on all opponents. Remember, you may get the hang of your bost quicker than other players. You may even knock out a few noobs before taking any shots yourself. These are all admirable feats but remember, don't get cocky. Game Instructions / How to Play: Use your mouse to navigate. Left Mouse Button: Smack Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 6, 2018

10134 plays


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