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Game Description

In space no one can hear the bass drop. This is a game about speed, sliding, and smashing. is an MMO arena smash em up where players drive around a precarious platform in space. Your mission is to smash the opposing players off of the platform and into the black vacuum of space. It's a galactic demolition derby where there can be only one survivor. The challenges of are doubled when you find out that the platform you're on has a habit of randomly breaking up and disappearing into the great void. You'll have to keep your eyes open as you're driving. The panels of the platform will start to rattle before they give out and fall away. This will give you time to change course and avoid falling to your death. Or, if you're more enterprising it will give you the ability to set up a hit against an unsuspecting opponent. The choice is yours. But make it quick, in you never stop moving. Your mouse is only used to direct the car, there is no off button. Once the game starts you'll be moving forever. Use your left mouse button to shoot an invisible blast of concussive force that can be used to knock opponents into the yawning chasm below. Game Instructions: Mouse: Use the cursor to guide your space car around the platform. Be sure to avoid the edges and keep an eye out for any falling platforms. Left Mouse Button: The Left Mouse Button activates your blast cannon. A concussive blast of pure energy that hs the ability to knock your enemies back.


Use your mouse or keyboard to play. See the in-game instructions for more details.

Bassdrop Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 18, 2019

7461 plays


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