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Game Description

If the asteroids don't get you the other players will. In you're not just using heavy laser cannons, force fields, and hull re-enforcements to survive: You're growing strong from those you destroy. You might think you recognize the mechanics at first: A simple arrow floating in space and firing at asteroids and opposing players. But pay attention! There is more to this game than what appears at first glance. Inside every asteroid is a power-up. Beyond the death of your enemies is the energy you need to grow. And grow you will. Your ship won't just shoot more lasers faster. Your ship itself is going to get bigger, and bigger. It'll be harder to avoid asteroids but you won't care if you bulk up your hull. The controls for are simple but a bit different than most other games like this. In you use your mouse to fire and to guide the direction of your craft as it glides along. Wherever you point the tip of your ship with your mouse is where it will move when you press the W button to fire your auto-thrusters. The direction of your mouse will do double duty when it comes time to attack. Your heavy laser cannons will also fire from the same point that guides your movement. This makes moving and attacking an elegant part of the over all game. Instructions: Use your mouse to choose a direction for your fighter ship to move, when you use the W button your thrusters will fire and push you in that direction. Use your mouse to point your ship at your chosen target, then press the left mouse button to fire your heavy laser cannon at that target. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 18, 2019

14257 plays


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