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Game Description

Yolo Dogecoin is a free clicker game. The stocks are here, the stocks are there, the stocks are everywhere. Stocks are on the rise, stocks are about to fall, stocks are holding steady. It's a good time to buy, it's a good time to sell, it's a bear market it's a bull economy. Stonks are the latest institution to go viral and you can enjoy the thrill of investing in this fast-paced clicker game that tests your reaction time and a basic grasp of physics. In Yolo Dogecoin you're investing in fun and the payoff is gonna be big because it's a physics clicker that lets you hold steady or shoot for the stars. Watch out for blocks and try to hit the power-ups in this race to the moon. Our motto is 'if you wanna make it to Mars, you're gonna need the money to build a rocket' so get earning in this strangely addictive physics clicker that has timeless gameplay and a very timely theme. Stonks are here to stay and the numbers can only go up. If you think you have what it takes to compete with the finance-pros and know how to turn crypto currency into cold hard cash then let's get that bread.


On your mobile or desktop device please use your mouse to click or finger to tap. Your goal is to tap once to make the stock go up and then tap again to make it go down. Dodge the obstacles and try to hit the power-ups.

Yolo Dogecoin Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 2, 2021

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Xploding KittensX

over 1 year ago

There is no stopping dogecoin! STRAIGHT TO THE MOON, BABYYYYYYYY