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Game Description

Square Stacker is a free puzzle game. If you wish to win at square takers you will need to be able to think a few moves ahead, ee connections, and find patterns. This is a square stacking game where you are trying to get three in a row. You can either score three squares of the same color or three square of the same shape. You can score the stacks horizontally, vertically or diagonal so there will always be a lot of options available to you. You stack the various colored and various sized squares on top of each other as well as side by side or diagonal. You can also stack the squares within each-other and try to get your three in a row that way. This gives you three horizontal, three vertical, and three diagonal as well as three high in order to accomplish the simple task of getting three in a row. Besides all of these different angles at which you can get three in a row you will have three x three times to score. If you don't feel you have a path to victory, remember there is always a selection of three more squares on the side of the screen you can choose to add to the scrum.


If you are on mobile use your finbger to select one of the three squares from the side of the screen and place it in the play area. If you are playing desktop please use your mouse.

Square Stacker Gameplay

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Release DateMar 5, 2020

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over 2 years ago

i love this game but i think the leader board is broken? it never loads at the end of the game, i always have to refresh the page