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Unwanted Grey



Game Description

Unwanted Grey is a free action game. Sometimes it gets too dark, and sometimes it gets too bright. All real players know that the answer is somewhere in between. The answer is in the grey. But sometimes even the grey is unwanted. In "Unwanted Grey," you are but a simple node hurtling through the vast kaleidoscope of reality. You are a perfectly grey dot who is besieged by black-and-white power discs. The discs will follow you and infect you, turning you darker or lighter. The darker you get, the faster you move, and the lighter you get, the more you can see. However, if you go too dark or light, it's game over. This is a mission-based game where you gain stars to unlock new themes and new backgrounds, as well as try your hand at three different modes of play.


On your desktop computer please use your mouse to control the node. On your mobile device use your finger. Your goal is to avoid becoming too light or too dark, dodge the obstacles, and complete the missions.

Unwanted Grey Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateAug 24, 2023

25 plays


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