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Math Slither



Game Description

Math Slither is a free slither-style game. You've slithered, smashed, and hissed your way through all kinds of snake inspired games but this is another level of nake style fun. This isn't your grandmas slither, this is Math Slither. Take all of the slitherings around, avoiding other snakes, and gobbling up glowing spheres of energy that you love from other slither games and combine them all with math. All kinds of math! This is a mission-based version of Slither. But this isn't a fetch mission, a pick-up and deliver, protect, or destroy based mission. No, this is all about the equations.

At the top of your screen, you'll be given a simple equation. Your job is to figure out the answer and then slither around the map until you see the appropriate number and gobble it up. All the other rules of classic slither games apply. You can't bump into other snakes, you use up your energy as you boost and you need to replenish your energy and to grow. But, the important thing here, the thing we really don't want you to forget about is the math. Add math to your favorite style of iogame and now it's a whole new game. We did it and now you're playing it.


Use your mouse to control the head of the snake. Slither around the board but do not bump into other snakes or you will die. At the top of the screen, thee will be an equation, in order to score points you need to find the answer to that equation and eat it. Just like in real life.

Math Slither Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 9, 2020
DeveloperMath Games

128195 plays


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