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Jurassic Run



Game Description

Jurassic Run is a timed puzzle game. Experience a lost world from a forgotten age. This is a world where you will dodge pterodactyls, outrun the gaping jaws of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and collect rare dinosaur eggs to save the world. It sounds exciting but its no walk in the park. This game will challenge your timing and spatial reasoning as you assemble bridges to outrun the T-Rex. But beware! You'll need to quickly and accurately exciting adventure which takes place one level at a time. You'll have to think quick as your hero builds themselves a bridge to get across the crevas below. If your bridge is too short you'll be eaten by the T-Rex. If the bridge is too long it'll be scooped up by a pterodactly, but if its just right it will flal in front of you nd you cana dash to safety. As you run across the bridge there may be an egg or two beneath it, if you move fast enough you can switch sides to grab the egg and then switch back to cross the bridge, be careful if you aren't fast enough then you will run into the wrong side of the pillar. This is a fast moving point, click and dodge type game which requires laser fast eye and hand reaaction time. Do you have what it takes to outrun a T-Rex and out smart a pterodactyl to collect the eggs aand save the world? Then prove it in this fun game.


Press your left mouse button to begin building your bridge, when it is long enough to let go, you will autorun across the bridge. If there is an easter egg underneath the bridge you can click the left mouse button again to switch sides, grab it and then quickly switch back.

Jurassic Run Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateAug 22, 2019

24663 plays


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