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This game does not support mobile devices.

Jump Changer



Game Description

Jump Changer is a free physics game. Leap into action and brace for impact as you dash from one colorful platform to the next in our latest free-mobile game. In Jump Changer, you're a cube suspended in mid-air, with a path of colorful platforms below you. Your mission is to click or tap the correct colored square on the bottom of the screen to make your cube leap to the correspondingly colored platform. But beware, dear gamer-friends, and hesitation is your most formidable foe. If you pause to ponder, the platform beneath you will vanish into thin air, and your quest shall come to a swift and unforgiving end.

As the clock ticks away and pressure mounts: How long can you keep the cube bounding through the rainbow-bricked road? Jump Changer is an endless game that pushes you to the outer limits of your abilities, and it's an opportunity to showcase your lightning-fast reflexes to the world. Compete against friends, family, and foes to prove your prowess in the art of color matching. Bragging rights are up for grabs, and legendary status awaits those who conquer the leaderboard. Rise above the rest and scrawl your username into the hallowed halls of gaming glory on our sitewide leaderboard. 

In Jump Changer ss in real life, you forge a path to greatness with every click, tap, leap, and chromatic cue. Now you can seize the moment, navigate the labyrinth with lazer like precision, and achieve immortality! Embrace the challenge that awaits. The clock is ticking, and destiny beckons. 

Are you prepared to leap into action?


On your desktop or mobile device, please use your mouse to point and click or your finger to tap. Your mission is to keep your little cube hopping on an endless spree. To do this, you must click or tap the colored square at the bottom of the screen. Choose the correct square by matching its color to the platform adjacent to your cube. Do not wait too long, or your current platform will decay into nothingness. This is an endless game so stay alive as long as you can.

Jump Changer Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 8, 2023

22 plays


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