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Jump Bunny Jump



Game Description

Jump Bunny Jump is a free endless-runner game. Bunnies move fast. That is the one thing we know about them and the one thing we love about them. Our entire conception of bunnies is that they move along the ground, hopping fast but remaining tethered to the Earth. But that was the bunnies of old it is 2022 and bunnies have changed they have evolved. Bunnies can now rocket themselves into the sky and beyond the stratosphere. Join this bunny as they jump their way up through the ether and to the great beyond. Collect carrots and other treasures as you rocket past obstacles like platforms, spikes, and cannonballs. You can augment your jump by navigating towards the floating trampolines scattered throughout the various levels. This is an endless style game where you will chase the horizon for as long as you can stay alive. As you collect gold and other treasures you will be able to spend them on the various upgrades of your choice that will allow you to continue to try to grasp the stratosphere. This is a game for animal lovers and for jump lovers. Basically, anyone who likes to move, jump, fly, whatever.


On your desktop computer please use the Space Bar to build up your energy then release to launch. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer the bunny.

Jump Bunny Jump Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 16, 2021

17327 plays


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