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Infinity Golf



Game Description

Infinity Golf is a free mobile golf game. Golf is a game of physics, a game of patience, and a game of strategy. Knowing how to bring all those separate skills together will serve you well in this life and the next. Infinity Golf is a platform-based gold game where you compete against the leaderboard to get as many holes in one as possible. You will launch the ball over rivers, rocks, mountains, crevasses, and other obstacles, trying to get get it in the hole with the lowest strokes possible. 


On your desktop computer, please use your mouse to point the direction and energy of the ball you want to hit. On your mobile device, please use your finger to tap and drag the direction and velocity of the ball you'd like to hit.

Infinity Golf Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 7, 2023

964 plays


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