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Garden Shredder



Game Description

Garden Shredder is a free mobile game. The real garden maze is real-life. It is all around you at all times, and you are forever lost. Is this the right way? Is that the right choice? Have you found a way out, or just another dead end? In real life, you may never know, but in Garden Shredder, the answer is clear. Find yourself through a series of simple hedge mazes in this exciting maze game that gives you only a small peek at your surroundings and asks you to make a simple choice: left or right, up or down. That is it. But once you make enough of these choices and you make them fast enough, you'll find your way traversing the hedge maze, making it to the end, and out the other side. Victory is yours, but was it fast enough? Most people find their way out, but barely any of them do it in time. If you want to be a real winner, then you have to optimize every choice and make it to the exit as fast as possible. Garden Shredder is a game that will take you on a trip.


On your desktop computer, use your mouse to point and click the direction choice. On your mobile device use your finger to point and tap the direction you wish to go.

Garden Shredder Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 20, 2022

23 plays


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