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Falling Balls



Game Description

Falling Balls is a free physics game. The world is in peril and only you and your steadfast dedication to regulating the ratio and timing of a beaker full of balls can possibly save it. In the newww gravity and physics puzzle game, Falling Balls, you will be presented with a glass beaker full of an unknown amount of balls. Beneath the beaker are a sliding assortment of even smaller beakers which move back and fourth at various speeds. Your job is to activate the release of the balls from the beaker and time it so that all of them fall into the beakers below. You can only pass each level when a pre-determined amount of balls are caught in the beakers. Obviously, you will have a better score if you manage to catch all of the balls but that is going to be quite challenging. Falling Balls is a challenging game of gravity, physics, timing, spacial awareness and even in some cases luck. But luck alone won't save you, you'll need to hunker down and gather up the skills required to win for real.


On a desktop computer use your mouse to activate the opening of the beaker by pressing the left mouse button. On your mobile device, you can open up the beaker by tapping and holding the screen.

Falling Balls Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 29, 2021

33716 plays


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