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Drip Drop



Game Description

Drip Drop is an action game where you have to work on your balancing skills. If you are good at standing on one leg then you might be great at this online game. This action game is formatted vertically to play great on mobile devices but can also be played on your computer. It has cute and bright 2D animation that doesn’t overwhelm your screen or eyes. To play this online game,  use a paddle to balance an adorable smiling red ball so that it doesn’t tip over the sides. On top of keeping the red smiling ball balanced, you will quickly have to avoid an incoming rainstorm. If you let the smiling ball get soak by even a single drop of water then you lose the game. This is the kind of online game that you can play over and again though. Challenge yourself each time to beat your last score which will help you rise up on the leaderboards. Select the leaderboards icon every now and then to see where you stand against other Drip Drop players. 



To play this action game, use your fingers or mouse to slide the paddle right and left. Avoid raindrops and avoid rolling the ball off the paddle.

Drip Drop Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 2, 2020

22287 plays


about 2 years ago

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