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Dont Drop The White Ball



Game Description

Don't drop the white ball is a reflex game. If you think you're ready to enter the high stakes world of ball spiking, then this game is custom made for you. In 'Don't Drop The White Ball' you play as a spikey horizontal bar that is obsessed with smashing white balls. You can engage in your violent hobby for as long s you want so long as you are fast enough to smash all of the white balls. The game ends immediately if and when any white ball, even just one white ball, somehow sneaks past you. In a lot of ways, you are like a goalie who is trying to stop a never-ending barrage of white balls and you lose the game the moment you let one ball passed you. How long do you think you can outsmart the balls? How many balls do you think you can crush before your willpower finally gives out and you. let one slip past the goalie? Do you have the strength within you to start again and beat that record? Will you ascend the leaderboard and leave other players in your dust? 'Don't Drop The White Ball' just might be the kind of challenge you are looking for, try it today.


Use the Left and Right Arrow Pad to move the spiked bar back and forth. Your job is to stop and pop all of the falling white balls before they get passed you.

Dont Drop The White Ball Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateAug 22, 2019
DeveloperBuy Instant

16623 plays


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