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Game Description

Cyclomaniacs is a free racing game. Accelerate, tilt, stunt, and destroy the competition! In Cyclomaniacs you are an over-ambitious pedal pusher who is strapped to a ten speed and racing against an army of weirdos! Ninjas, dragons, orcs, skeletons, aliens, and even robots! This is the ultimate race of ultimate destiny and it features almost every kind of fantasy or sci-fi trope you could ever possibly imagine! In order to win you'll have to not just be fast but pull off radical stunts! Use your cash from each win to upgrade your bike and improve everything from your speed to your handling, to your weight, and your potential for stunts. You will also be able to unlock new and interesting characters. Creepy characters. Weird characters! Half the fun is the bizarre choice of players and theme in this game so rev up your BMX and hit the road!


Use the W,A,S,D buttons or Arrow Pad to lean forward, backward, tilt or slow down. Your speed and leans will grow over time as you gather materials for upgrade. Use the Space Bar to jump. Your jump will increase as you collect and spend upgrade tokens. Spend your upgrade tokens wisely.

Cyclomaniacs Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateSep 18, 2014
DeveloperAddicting Games

5532734 plays


over 3 years ago

the game is great but the ads make it freeze.


over 5 years ago

yep just completed the game turtles rock


over 5 years ago

yeah fun fun for everyone!


over 5 years ago

yay i beat the game the endin movie was funny


over 5 years ago

y'all should get cyclomanics 2


over 5 years ago

wtf is that elvis


over 5 years ago

wow!!!! awersoome


over 5 years ago

worst game i ever ever played=LOSER


over 5 years ago



over 5 years ago

whos got the pirate horn