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Drop Dunks



Game Description

Drop Dunks is an online basketball-style game that you can play on both desktop and mobile devices. This is a simple game that you can play instantly without a tutorial. There are 3 green cannons that will pop out a ball for you to bounce off your board. On each side of this dark gray background, you will see a basketball hoop which is the goal for your ball. On top of getting the ball into the hoop, collect as many stars as you can by tossing the ball through it. Towards the mid-top, you’ll see 3 red hearts which is how many lives you have before your game session ends. Use your stars to unlock skins for your ball, board, and cannon. Choose from colorful and silly options and patterns that help add a little razzle-dazzle to your game. If you like casual sports games, then you should definitely check out Drop Dunks today!


To play this sports game, move the board to bounce the ball. Collect stars and navigate the ball into one of the basketballs. After each game session, you will see your best score and the most recent score. Play again to beat your own score or to rise up the leaderboards.

Drop Dunks Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 12, 2019

30006 plays


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