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City Dunk



Game Description

City Dunk is a free mobile basketball game. Basketball has transcended the court and is now in the skies. RIP Kobe as you dunk your way through a never-ending level of hoops and stars. Shoot for the skies kiddies. The world is your onion and basketball is how you win. In City Dunk, you'll battle physics with nothing but your clicker finger. Dribble the winged ball towards the hoop and time it perfectly so that you can slam dunk your way to the top of the charts. You lose as soon as you miss one hoop but the longer you go the higher your score. This is essentially an endless runner game where you just have to dribble and dunk, dribble and dunk. Think it sounds easy? It's not! City Dunk is a free sports game that you will love to play with your friends. You'll feel the tension as you dribble dunk. So, sharpen your baller fingers and get dribbling. Basketball is the move and this is the game to take you there. Are you ready for some B-Ball?


If you are on a mobile device tap the screen to make the angel ball dodge and wweave its way through the air towards the floating hoops. If you are on desktop ue your moue and the left moue button to gently bounce the ball towrds the net.

City Dunk Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 27, 2020

72491 plays


over 3 years ago

worst game ive ever played