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Ring Fall



Game Description

Ring Fall is a free physics puzzle game. Squares fall, rectangles fall, skies fall, and now even rings fall. In the new mobile-game, Ring Fall, you will experience the power and the grandeur of rings, gravity, and falling. Your duty is to spin the wire rack covered in rings and try to puzzle out a path that might make them fall in an orderly fashion into the pit below. You may eventually find a way to drop some but not all of the rings and frankly, that is not good enough. victory will be determined by the number of rings you are able to drop, so you might as well drop them all to jack your score up. Of course, it is harder to accurately drop all the rings but that is the point. The struggle, the tension, and the anxiety of dropping the rings is the funniest part of this game. Learn to love it and learn to win.


On your desktop computer use your mouse to point and click on the ring holder in the center of the screen, then try and spin it in such a way that you can carefully move the rings off of the rack. On your mobile device use your finger to tap and hold on the screen and then carefully re-position the rings so that they slide off of their holder into the pit below.

Ring Fall Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 28, 2021

101462 plays


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