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Maya Golf 2



Game Description

Maya Golf 2 is a golfing game with a fun jungle-theme. This is the second installment of the cute shooter, Maya Golf. Maya is out to prove she is the best again by going into the wilderness to show off her skills. Most golfing places either have no backgrounds or have cheesy miniature golf but Maya Golf 3 is a cute jungle theme for you to play. There are various obstacles, like in any golfing game, to prevent you from making a hole-in-one. There is water, dips, trees, and blocks that may send your golf ball in the wrong direction. If your ball goes out of bounds, it will return back to the original putting spot. Otherwise, it will stay in the spot it ends upon, and you must putt it from there. Enjoy this golfing game today!


To play this golfing game, use your finger or mouse to aim and shoot. The more you pull back, the stronger the hit. Aim carefully to get to the hole without coming up short or passing it all together. The game scores like a normal golfing game which means the smaller your score, the better it is. Use as little moves as possible to get to all the holes in one level.

Maya Golf 2 Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 31, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

42008 plays


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