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Freeway Fury 3



Game Description

You're on the run from the police! Your mission is to ride on the highway traffic, jump from car to car and perform stunts to earn more nitro boost! Use left and right arrow keys to steer. Hold Z to get on the roof of a car, release Z to get back into the car. Earn nitro by performing certain stunts and press the up arrow key to use the nitro boost.

Freeway Fury 3 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 29, 2016
DeveloperVasco Freitas

64285 plays


over 5 years ago

this game lives up to the websites name


over 5 years ago

once again... awesome game, and nice ending :D


over 5 years ago

god this is awesome dude puff puff pass


over 5 years ago

Clever game...but not easy...!


about 8 years ago

dude wtf is wrong with you... site is awesome... and so is this game... hard but so addictive thumbs up for sure!


about 8 years ago

what is happening to your site ??? any games are working.. why?