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Crash Test Launcher



Game Description

Crash Test Launcher is a free racing game. It doesn't take a genius to crash a car into a wall, in fact, it probably helps if you're a dummy! Unbuckle those seatbelts, disconnect the airbags and get ready to fly, baby. This is Crash Test Launcher, a game about using a busted down old car as a device to launch busted down old crash test dummies through the windshield and into history! The farther you launch each dummy, the more money you'll get, the more money you get the more upgrades you can buy. You can focus on revving up the car's engine, getting better traction with the wheels, or adding to the dummy itself, wings, a parachute: whatever it takes. The visceral thrill of launching a non-sentient human simulation through a windshield will never get old.


W,A,S,D / Arrow Keys: Control the car while on the ground and control the Dummy while in the air. Spacebar: turbo for the car and bounce button for the dummy.

Crash Test Launcher Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateSep 8, 2010
DeveloperMax Games

4060517 plays


about 5 years ago

Я так же люблю очень играть в эту игру, так же люблю очень азартные игры от сайта это крутейшее заведение с игровыми новинками и классными бонусами!


over 5 years ago

you are best


over 5 years ago

yes ive been looking 4 this game 4 four weeks now


over 5 years ago

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wowwow wow wow wow wow


over 5 years ago

wow what a great game add me


over 5 years ago

woah a plastic human. is it ALIVE???


over 5 years ago

wilbe coolif it was obama!


over 5 years ago

whyis there blood??? its a dummy...


over 5 years ago

why does it have blood it's a dummy!


over 5 years ago

way this is awesome!!!!