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Arcade Racer 3D



Game Description

Arcade Racer 3D is a free racing game. The most important part of any race is the ability to choose the color of the car. In Arcade Racer 3D you will have the ability to customize not just the look of your ride, but all of the technical specs as well. From the spring to the shock, the acceleration, to the handling, to the breaking, and even the axles distribution of momentum. In this game, you can open up a menu and customize all of it for some reason. Once you jack up the stats to be exactly what you want you'll be free to take a spin into the great wilds of an abandoned city. Test out your custom ride and go bonkers. Also, you can select the exact shade and color you want your truck to be, we chose pink because there aren't enough pink trucks out there. You can pick whatever you want. That is the beauty of the game.


W,A,S,D or Arrow Pad: Accelerate, turn left or right ,and reverse. C: Change the camera view from 1st person to cinematic, to birds eye view, and even low axle. Try out the different views and see if you can find a cool look. Space Bar: Break

Arcade Racer 3D Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMar 5, 2020

158288 plays


almost 3 years ago