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The Last Ninja



Game Description

The ultimate warrior, one might say.


Use your mouse to play.

The Last Ninja Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 19, 2018
DeveloperQky Games

69346 plays


almost 6 years ago

The idea is not bad. It could make a good game. But like all Qky and Onduck games on this site, it's a game skeleton that was cobbled together, thrown out there, and abandoned in order to move on to the next game. Last Ninja is horribly balanced, you can't prevent the computer opponents from headshotting you whenever they feel like it. And you need to play forever to get upgrades that make no effective difference.


almost 6 years ago

There must be something I'm missing in this game. All the stars seem to do the same damage and only kill with a headshot. Is there some way to make more money? How freakin long do I have to play to make 1000gold?