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Space Friends Shooter



Game Description

Space Friends Shooter is a space-themed avoider game. In space, no one can hear you avoid. The whole galaxy is full of space junk. The universe is one great big dumpster and if you wanna get anywhere you're going to have to blast your way through it. Choose the color of your UFO, then pick whether or not you identify as a dog or a cat. Then hop into your craft and let's go! You'll have to avoid astronauts, asteroids, planets, suns, satellites, space stations and abandoned space ships as you fly through the dumpster fire that is our universe. Collect ammunition as the game speeds up and use the spae-bar to blast errant trash out of the sky. There are also health power-ups and shield upgrades which you can claim in order to try and stay alive. The farther you get the harder it gets. More trash moving at faster speeds, thus, the game is amazingly realistic. Whatever your strategy is you can prove yourself in the great beyond by avoiding, blasting, and staying alive.


Use the Arrow keys to move left and right. Avoid the falling space junk and collect ammo to blast way at the falling celestial flotsam and jetsam.

Space Friends Shooter Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 21, 2019

14827 plays


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