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Game Description

Saws is an endless runner game. We all love running and jumping but Saws is an endless runner game that subverts your expectations by eliminating the running and replacing it with never-ending jumping. In this game, you won't be determining when to jump, dodge, or slide your way to victory. Instead, you'll have to figure out how to avoid the saws by knowing the proper time to drop. That is correct. The most important skill you will learn in this game is being able to tactically drop yourself at the right moment in order to have an effect on your momentum. This means the ability to correctly anticipate when to drop so that the momentum of your next auto jump will be timed to fall in between the saws is paramount. How long do you think you can make it? There is a never-ending parade of saws just waiting for your little blob to fall into its spinning face.  So, jump, drop and plop your way to victory as you rocket up the leaderboard and avoid certain death at the hands of a spinning saw.


Please use your left mouse button or your finger to drop your cute little blob at the appropriate time before the spinning saws can get them.

Saws Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 27, 2019
DeveloperBuy Instant

17269 plays


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