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Arctic Pong



Game Description

Arctic Pong is a free clicker game. We need you to do your part to save the seals, and in this case, that means ping-ponging the poor seals back and forth on a vertical axis and trying to avoid deadly polar bears. At its heart, this is an avoider game where you are flung by rubber bands to and fro while you try to collect power-ups, coins, and avoid the vicious and hungry polar bears as they slide by on the horizontal axis. Seals don't have a hope of standing up to the fangs and claws of the polar bears on their own, so their only defense is avoidance. Let the bears come and go as they please, just don't get caught in their sites or its game over for you. Every click you make will send you traveling either up or down the horizontal axis. You can turn around and go the other way whenever you want but just make sure that avenue is free of polar bears as well. The longer you play the more obstacles you'll have to avoid will pop up like cracks in the ice and snow balls. But if you practice long enough you should be able to blast your way through the bears and stay alive long enough to be number one.


On a mobile device, tap to make your seal go up or down. When playing on desktop use your left mouse button to determine whether the seal flies up or slides down. Avoid the bears, collect the fish.

Arctic Pong Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 9, 2020

14478 plays


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