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Raft Wars 2



Game Description

Raft Wars 2 is a free puzzle game. Splish splash, suckers. It's time to exterminate and marinate with extreme prejudice! The Raft Warriors are back and they are as mean and sharp-eyed as ever. Load up your super soaker, and get ready to launch an all-out attack on the unsuspecting vacationers! Use your wits to determine the physics of this addictive and indepth cannon game. Cause havoc at the water park, fight with security, knock paint into the pool, upgrade your raft and raise as much commotion as possible! You and your co-pilot are in charge of this pool and if you have it your way it'll be no day at the beach for anyone! Never let security tell you what to do and never back down from a sloppy water fight.


In the sequel to the hit game Raft Wars, you'll be tasked with completing a series of physics-based challenges in what is ostensibly a sidescrolling physics puzzler. Use your mouse to aim, choose height and depth, and then blast off. The game has a serious physics engine inside it which responds to everything you're doing.

Raft Wars 2 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 21, 2013
DeveloperMartijn Kunst

2744186 plays


about 1 year ago

swag money


almost 2 years ago

Would be a lot better if the game didn't glitch out resulting to start the level over and over and over again


about 3 years ago

I can’t play it because I’m on mobile but I love this game but I can play an the laptop or Computer


about 3 years ago

The game is interested at least I can see how it feels to be a chicken


over 3 years ago

While this did make some much needed improvements in the raft upgrade area, AI of opponents, and tougher levels.. It failed to meet the high professional standards of plotline and music of the original. I mute the sound and play the superior battle theme from the original in the background..

That Random Guy That Hates

over 4 years ago

I uh... Well the thing is... Dang it I cant think of a good reason to hate this... I mean its cute, it has all the stuff I "liked" from the original raft wars, I just cant think of a reason to hate this... great.


almost 5 years ago

The game is rigged to make you miss on purpose. Even if you lead your shot accordingly to the onion skin of the previous shot, it makes it to where you miss.


about 5 years ago

yea it does still fun though


about 5 years ago

y is the shark in therre it is annoying


about 5 years ago

whooooo i love it