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Punch Golf



Game Description

Punch Golf is a free mobile-platform game. Hello, little marshmallow person and welcome to the greatest trial of your life. You are being forced to run through endless levels of platform-based puzzles where your only options are to move straight, jump, or punch yourself down. You will have to avoid running up against a wall, getting stuck under a ridge, or falling into the pits of despair, all while using a fist from the heavens to lift you up when you need a boost and squash you down when you need to stay grounded. Throughout each level, you have the option to try and collect golden coins which you can use in between levels to customize your marshmallow with a variety of different outfits and skins truly befitting a true monarch of the marshmallow federation. Run fast, jump accurately, and squish yourself through some of the tighter caves in this adorable adventure game for true platform afficiandos.


The marshmallow person will run automatically. On a mobile device, tap to make the marshmallow person jump. swipe down to activate a boxing glove from the heavens to squish you down. If you are playing on desktop use your left mouse button to jump and click and hold to activate the boxing glove. Collect gold coins to upgrade your marshmallow person in between levels.

Punch Golf Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 9, 2020

25219 plays


over 3 years ago

not bad