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Mary Run



Game Description

Mary Run is a free platform game. Welcome to the world of Mary Run. A fantasy world where you race against the forces of darkness to find hidden treasures, defeat dangerous enemies, and save the world once and for all. on your journey, you will have to rely on yourself, your jumps, and your ability to find helpful items round the maps that make up the world. You will also be collecting coins, these coins will serve as the currency you need to buy new abilities, unlock secret powers, and even save yourself from certain doom. In this game, you will also be rewarded for repeat plays. The more you play, the longer you play, the more options will become available. There are three different characters for you to choose from.

Have fun as you explore and dominate the world of Mary Run, a fun, dangerous adventure for only the smartest, the bravest, and the most courageous players out there.


Arrow Pad: Use the Arrow Pad to control Mary and her friends. Move left or right and jump using up. You can also make Mary do a stomp by pressing the down arrow while she is suspended in the air. This is useful for stomping on enemies and controlling where she lands after a jump.

Mary Run Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 1, 2020
DeveloperOnduck Games

77023 plays


over 3 years ago

I like game.

Htun Htun Latt

almost 4 years ago

I like this app.