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Magnets Blitz



Game Description

Magnets Blitz is a simple-looking action game that is more difficult than you may think. Click on this fun action game where your only objective is to bounce off other magnets. In the center of the graphed screen, you will find a red and blue magnet. Click on the screen to rotate the magnet around. Magnets will come towards it from either of the 4 directions. You will see an arrow to indicate from which direction the next magnet is coming from. If you see red, you want it to hit the blue part of the magnet. If you see blue, then you want it to hit the red part of the magnet. This will bounce away from the magnet and give you a point. The magnet cannot hit the same color or the side of the magnet or else it’s game over. Play, again and again, to beat your best score each time. This is a great game to play on your computer but it is also mobile-friendly. 



To play this action game, tap on the screen with your mouse or finger to rotate the magnet. The magnet must hit its opposite magnet. Select Leaders to see where you rank against other magnet players.

Magnets Blitz Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 11, 2020

15635 plays


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