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Killer Worms 2



Game Description

Satisfy your craving! You hunger and when you hunger you must feast! Worm your way through distant earth, follow the footsteps of the humans above, and track down your next meal. Consume chickens, and people, and livestock like cows and goats. You may even jump high enough in the sky to eat a spare bird or two. Underground there are also all kinds of lizard creatures you can feast on but it will never be enough. As your hunger is satiated you will begin to grow bigger and as you grow bigger you will become more hungry. Soon, the militaries of the surface dwellers will be alerted to your presence and by then you'll be forced to not only feast upon humans but also go into direct combat with them.


W,A,S,D and Arrow Pad: The up arrow initiates forward momentum. After that, you will have to use left, right, and down in order to control the direction of your worm.

Killer Worms 2 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateNov 21, 2012
DeveloperEffing Games

2706237 plays

aleksa 27

over 5 years ago

you can get too 1000000000000000000 size lol :D


over 5 years ago

you are very cool


over 5 years ago

yo peeps


over 5 years ago

wow, S.W.E.E.T


over 5 years ago

wow amazing!^^

Gnim Rodd

over 5 years ago

worm takes up whole screen high score is 436


over 5 years ago

worm is so ugly


over 5 years ago

woaaahh I really like it!Gorgeus!!


over 5 years ago

wish i got the jump in the end


over 5 years ago

wings plus vacuum mouth equals huge combo