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Jumping Miner



Game Description

Jumping Miner is an escape-based platform game. If you've ever felt claustrophobic then Jumping Miner might not be the game for you. Because, in Jumping Miner you'll be starting from the bottom and trying to get up, up, and out of an endless pit. On your way, you'll collect diamonds of all colors in an attempt to get the highest score. You are trying to aim your miner to land on various springboards, jetpacks, and rocket boosts that will allow you to better ascend the dank caves. But beware! There is a ghoulish red bat hovering over your head. The bat sways back and forth hoping to snatch you away in its neon claws. If you aren't careful with where you jump, if you get too greedy then you might be playing right into the bats razor-sharp claws. You'll have to think as fast as you jump in this top-scrolling, leaping adventure game because you may be moving up but you're also jumping left and right to try and gather as many diamonds as possible, you'll be trying to line up where you land from one jump with where you jump on the next one. You have to always make sure there is solid ground below you, or even better, a springboard or rocket pack to take you up farther and faster than your own legs. But if you do manage to get that pack, watch out for the red bat. Red bat is just waiting for you to screw up, red bat wants you to screw up. Jumping Miner is a simple to play game which none-the-less requires a lot of thought and tactics. Do you think you have what it takes to outsmart the red bat, gather all the diamonds, beat your own record and survive to jump another day?


Use the Arrow Pad or your finger to make the Miner jump. Try to aim each jump so that you can optimize your ability to collect diamonds, avoid the dreaded red bat, and land on a springboard or rocket pack.

Jumping Miner Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateAug 29, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

15208 plays


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