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Jimbo Jump



Game Description

Jimbo Jump is a spooky platformer game. All Jimbo wants to do is get home but the ghosts hate him! If you think living on the top floor of an ancient walk-up is bad, just imagine having to jump to get there and dodge ghosts the whole time. That is the struggle that Jimbo faces as he jumps, double jumps, and dodges his way to the top of the tower.  This is a reflex game which is also kind of a puzzle game and all wrapped up as a platformer. You play as Jimbo, a young kid with not much going on. All Jimbo wants in his life is to go home and get some rest after a hard day out on the streets. The problem is a series of ghosts haunt his building and are stopping him from making it to his home. Jimbo is no ghostbuster, so he has no way to fight these ghosts. The only real strategy he can employ is to try and jump around them so they can't touch him. It's a lot harder, and more fun, than it sounds.


Use your mouse to make Jimbo Jump. Jimbo will jump as high as you hold the button, so, try to time each little leap as best you can to avoid the ghosts as they float back and forth.

Jimbo Jump Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 4, 2019

20828 plays


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