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Game Description

Sure, you've been decapitated, but don't let that stop you. There are still plenty of dangers out there to maim what remains of your precious body. Run like your life depends on it - even though you're basically already dead.


Use the arrow keys to control your corpse.

Headless Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 1, 2010

276641 plays


over 2 years ago

inwaws led to here and told i would be able to play this game but now it seems that i cant and that isnt aokay because iw as in the zombie zeerction wand whatanedf to pklay zombie games like boxhead 2play have yuou lpayed zombie boxhead 2play its readlly fun i couldnt fugire out how to make the second player shoot but i soucled make the first pkoayer shoot does that make ssense


almost 3 years ago

I like this game very much and pls sub to Angus gamerYt


about 3 years ago

what you haters are crazy this game is great your just jelous

Ty .

about 3 years ago

Nice <3

give this guy a manual

over 5 years ago

the headless chickensman


over 5 years ago

so awesome =)


over 5 years ago

my best is 1448 already board of it


over 5 years ago

lol my best is 512!!!!!!


over 5 years ago

its worst game i have played ever

da fluffonator

over 5 years ago

could be A LOT better